Vehicle health is a stat exactly like the regular Health stat, except it is for vehicles. It can be identified when the player is inside a vehicle; the vehicle health replaces the regular player health. It can also be identified by aiming at a vehicle, seeing if it is green (full or near full), yellow (half) or red (critical). The vehicle defends the player, until the latter exits. When at 0 health, after a few seconds, it explodes. It cannot regain health, unlike the player.

Losing Health (Vehicle)

You can lose health in a vehicle by:

  • Smashing into lamposts, houses, buildings, etc.
  • Getting hit at by the player.
  • Getting shot at by cops and rival gang members and people who are angry (or have been hit) by the player.
  • Smashing into other cars.
  • Explosions from other cars.